Telehealth (Online) Counseling For Texas


We at Insight Life Counseling realize that attending an in-person office visit is not always feasible.  Our telehealth option is making professional counseling accessible and more convenient – so anyone struggling with life’s challenges can get help, from anywhere as long as they have access to a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Teletherapy sessions work much like the in-office variety.  You make an appointment in advance with a therapist, but instead of traveling to an office, you hop on your computer and receive a private (HIPAA-secure) link to your email to gain access to the video session. (HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the federal law requiring health care providers and organizations to ensure patients’ health information is kept private.)

A client can be anywhere to receive teletherapy — at home, at the office during lunch, and regardless of the weather or the lack of transportation options, allowing them to speak with a licensed mental health professional.  It allows the client to be in a place where they are most comfortable to discuss delicate topics.   It can be very helpful to people who live in rural areas, far from mental health professionals and resources.

Our counselors help patients achieve their health goals by addressing conditions such as anxiety, depression, grief, relationship problems, suicidal thoughts, trauma and many other mental health concerns.

Clients interested in meeting with a therapist via our Telehealth program can schedule by calling our office (832-846-6206) or by clicking on the  “Schedule” button at the top right of this page and choosing our virtual office as their preferred location.  Insight Life Counseling therapists are available for all Texas residents.







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