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Dealing with Infertility

The word infertility can mean many things to many different people. To some, it is a harsh diagnosis that represents the end of a life dream and goal of having a family of your own. To others, it can represent a personal and physical failure as well as an attack on your sexuality, your self-perceived attractiveness and your self-esteem.

When you receive the diagnosis of some form of infertility it is not the end of your hopes and dreams, but the beginning of a journey, a journey which you as a couple must take together. A large part of your journey through infertility must focus on maintaining and improving your relationship while coping with the emotional aspects of infertility.

Cristina, the Founder and CEO of Insight Life Counseling, is a Texas Licensed Professional Counselor. She obtained her master’s degree in counseling from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York and her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Syracuse University. Cristina has extensive experience in crisis intervention, having worked as a trauma counselor in a hospital emergency department. She has served as the Program Director for an adult partial hospitalization program and presents workshops on stress management, depression and coping with anxiety. She also has experience teaching college level classes in psychology and counseling. Ms. Treadway’s Professional affiliations include the Texas Counseling Association, American Society of Reproductive Medicine and Resolve. Cristina attended Mind / Body Training at Harvard University Medical School with Dr. Alice Domar.   She won first place in the category for patient education with an original video at The American Society of Reproductive Medicine conference.

She has worked to enhance patient care at several of Houston’s largest and most successful fertility practices.

Cristina is a published author of: Protecting Your Heart While Negotiating With Your Ovaries.

Having personally endured more than seven years of infertility treatment, Cristina is deeply compassionate and fully attuned to the complete psychological ramifications of assisted reproduction and brings a unique perspective to her field. This sensitivity has enabled Cristina to compile a group of professionals with corresponding experience and understanding to this diagnosis.  Cristina specializes in the treatment of individuals coping with the emotional challenges of infertility and can assist you in your journey to creating a family.

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