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Judith Miller, LCSW has been a pioneer in the integration of marriage and family marriage with substance abuse counseling for over thirty-five years. Receiving both of her degrees from the University of Houston, she is a well-known speaker and has appeared on various television and radio programs. Ms. Miller also provides professional assessments for the family, criminal, immigration and criminal courts. Ms. Miller finds creative solutions when working with complex family problems. Judith’s decision to become a psychotherapist had to do with her own family history. Her mother was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Judith reflected what it was like for her family back in the 1960’s. “As a teenager, they didn’t do for families as far as education or support. You mostly kept it a secret. I would tell people my mother went on a long vacation. My family never talked about my mother’s mental illness! Everyone was too embarrassed or felt responsible for her illness. I think that is why I became a psychotherapist and particularly a family psychotherapist-to help others so they didn’t go through what I went through.”

Judith specializes in family therapy going through the transition of divorce and divorcing. She has helped numerous families with the Harris County Court System and other area courts and helped them not have to go to court. She listens to the voice of the child and helps parents to co-parent even when parents are not speaking to each other and helps them to develop excellent parenting plans when they are trying to make life-long decisions. She has excellent skills to help them speak with each other even when they haven’t been able to speak for some time.

Judith has helped many people get over life-long traumas so they can go on to live satisfying lives. She has been trained in several modalities including: (1) Ericksonian Hypnosis; (2) Imago Therapy; (3) CBT; (4) Gestalt Therapy; (5) Psychodrama; (6) helping clients who have experienced various traumas such as physical and sexual abuse; (7) helping U.S. Veterans of Foreign Wars; and (8) Client Focused Therapies.

Ms. Miller has a high success rate with helping persons recover from depression/anxiety and stress plus helping people attain happiness in their lives no matter what age they are now. She is honored to be currently a member of the practice of Insight Life Counseling. Judith is available to see clients in the Clearlake/NASA-Webster area, and is available to see clients via Skype-Telecommunications. She can also be utilized to conduct pertinent speeches for your companies, religious institutions, and/or community organizations.

17625 El Camino Real Center #2, Suite #220
Webster, TX 77058


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